We track creative and creative production people in the UK and around the world, tell you where they are, what they do and how to contact them

“I use File Fx everyday – it’s an invaluable tool which I couldn’t do without.”

Darryl Bolton - UNIT Media Ltd


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Helping you find new creative services clients

If you want more clients in advertising agencies, commercial TV production, graphic design, new media and publishing, we’ll help you reach the right people

We can also give you client and brand data for major advertisers. So you can find out which advertising agencies have which accounts: who has Ford Cars, John Lewis, Heineken and so on. You can cross reference and search by brand category eg cars, retail or drink, and by brand name, to help you refine your target, focus your marketing campaign and connect with the right people.

Personally verified data

Our researchers know the market well: most of them have worked in the creative industries. They beaver away constantly, writing, phoning and emailing to gather the data you need.

Most of the contacting is done in English. But our researchers also speak 12 other languages between them, so we can collect data accurately from a variety of countries. (We cover Europe, the US and SE Asia as well as the UK).

We research and verify all the data in-house. Many companies would outsource this task but we think it’s too important to entrust to other people. We want to keep control of the quality ourselves.

Accurate and up to date

How do you know File Fx data is reliable and up to date?

Because we never stop checking it. We check everything on a 12 week cycle. But just to make sure we’re all keeping up, we check certain ‘key data’ every 8 weeks.

Because we check so often, we’re happy to guarantee 95% accuracy.

Comprehensive coverage

We start at the top to make sure we cover all the major commissioning companies.

So you can access the largest players, with the biggest budgets.

But not everyone wants to compete for the attention of the big boys. If you prefer to focus on smaller, less centralised markets, we leave no stone unturned in our aim to give you comprehensive coverage there too.

Thousands of contacts

Across Europe, we have 40,000 contacts in 20,000 companies.

If you include our US data, we could give you a total of 90,000 names.

But that’s probably more than you’d want to handle.

So if you tell us a bit about your business and what kind of people you want to talk to, we can give you a sub-set of data that gives you what you need. Most of our clients find a package of 6–10,000 names suits them best. But if you just want a ‘basic’ package of maybe 1600 names in 80 companies, that’s fine too. We’ll make sure you get what you need.