Email marketing

We track creative and creative production people in the UK and around the world, tell you where they are, what they do and how to contact them.


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File Fx email marketing

You can now design, test, deliver, track and analyse your email marketing efforts from the comfort of your File Fx account. No messing about, attempting to upload spreadsheets to 3rd party websites or staring at HTML code wondering why your email looks different in your inbox to what’s on the webpage.

Build a target list

First you need to pull together you target lists. It’s easy to select target sectors and target job titles and drill down to those that matter.

Design your mailer

Use your own HTML (if you’re that way inclined), or design your email using our easy layout editor.

Preview, test and send

Send test mailers to yourself and tweak the design until you are happy. Schedule the time and date when you want to send and load up your lists and you are good to go.(Note we need 24 hour approval time.)


Once your campaign is sent you will get all the analytics you need to follow up the folk who are interested in your work. See who opened your email, which links they clicked and filter by company, sector, list, link, job title and country. Did they share your email on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook or forward to a colleague?

To use the email system you need to purchase “email credits” starting at 5p per send. Our data is backed up with a 95% accuracy guarantee.