Our clients

We can tell you who to talk to

“We love File Fx, the information is brilliantly up-to-date. And great backup - the staff are a pleasure to deal with. We couldn't do without them.”

Sue Allatt - Photographers' Agent


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We don’t sell our data to just anyone

Not because we’re awkward, but because we’re keen to protect the integrity of our service. So we’ll only let you use it if you’re selling a creative service.

The people who use us are many and varied, but they all have one thing in common. Like you, they need to attract the attention of busy creative services buyers. With File Fx, they get a head start.

We can tell you who to talk to. So you’ll be in a strong position to take the initiative, nurture contacts and build relationships.

If you offer a creative service, you’ll find File Fx is the place to find new clients

People and companies who already know this include production companies, photographers, publishers, stock and footage libraries, record companies, TV producers and reps. Many are small businesses, but some are household names. Like the BBC.

Most of our clients are in the UK, but we have a smattering of subscribers from various places around the world.

Actually, thinking about it, these people have more than one thing in common. They sell creative services and they’re happy with the service we provide. It works for them. In fact it works so well that some of our clients have subscribed to us continuously for 20 years or more.

What makes them so loyal? Find out by choosing the right package of creative services buyers for your business.